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Welcome to the Micro-Femto Energetics Wiki. This wiki facilitates the sharing of information related to the Micro-Femto Energetics Lab in the Department of Physics at Oregon State University.

We investigate energy production and transport at novel material interfaces. To resolve energy production, we require both sub-micron(<10-6 m) spatial and sub-picosecond (<10-12 s) time resolution. This enables us to effectively film the electron's journey from initial excitation until the current generation. We apply our unique measurement tools to a host of emerging materials from 1D/2D nanostructure, organic photovoltaics to biological systems. Our goal is to understand and optimize the energy harvesting processes from the scale of molecules to bulk solar Voltaics.

External LINK to Optical and Ultrafast Laser Phenomena Rumor Mill Page

External LINK to Optical and Ultrafast Laser Phenomena Faculty Posting Rumor Mill Page



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